FGDC Subcommittees

Note: Working Group and Subcommittee Charter Updates

FGDC subcommittees are comprised of representatives from Federal agencies and FGDC recognized stakeholder groups who share a common interest in specific types of geospatial data - typically those geospatial data themes specified by OMB Circular A-16 (Coordination of Geographic Information and Related Spatial Data Activities). Each subcommittee focuses on issues that pertain to coordination and standards associated with a geospatial data theme with regard to data collection, access, exchange, and applications using those data.

Many of the FGDC subcommittees actively assist in the implementation of the NGDA Management Plan and, in fact, many members of the subcommittees are designated as NGDA Theme Leads or NGDA Dataset Managers. Members of the subcommittees have updated and (or) registered NGDA Dataset metadata that is harvested for the Data.gov and Geoplatform.gov catalog. These actions increase opportunities for discovery, access, and shared use of the NGDA Datasets. The subcommittees’ members are supporting the NGDA Theme and Dataset maturity assessments, which are critical to providing relevant and
meaningful information for decision making by senior executives.

Active Subcommittees

3D Nation Elevation
Address Matthew Zimolzak, Department of Commerce / Census
Steve Lewis, Department of Transportation 
Cadastral Dominica Van Koten, Department of the Interior / BLM
Cultural Resources Deidre McCarthy, Department of the Interior / NPS  202-354-2141
Federal Geodetic Control Juliana Blackwell, Department of Commerce / NGS 240-997-1290
Geologic Data  David R. Soller, Department of the Interior / USGS 703-648-6907
Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) Matthew Woodward, Department of Justice / FBI  202-323-9872
Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Tony LaVoi, NOAA / Coast Services Center 843-740-1274
National Digital Orthoimagery Program Peter Reid, Department of Commerce / Census
Spatial Water Data Al Rea, Department of the Interior / USGS
Transportation Derald Dudley, Department of Transportation 
Ronald Vaughn, Department of Transportation 

Vegetation Carol Spurrier, Department of Agriculture / FS
Wetlands Megan Lang, Department of the Interior / FWS  


Ad Hoc Subcommittees

Address Content Data Standard [Street Address Data Standard Executive Summary
[Street Address Data Standard Presentation]
[Street Address Data Standard Dictionary Summary]
 Martha Wells 301-277-6212


Past Subcommittees

Base Cartographic Data Hedy Rossmeissl, Department of the Interior / USGS 703-648-5577
Cultural & Demographic Data Lynda Liptrap, Department of Commerce / Census 301-763-1058
International Boundaries & Sovereignty [Report - 2006] Ray Milefsky, Department of State, Office of the Geographer 202-647-1205 
Soils    [07 Workplan] [Report - 2006] Jennifer Sweet , Department of Agriculture / NRCS 817-509-3421
Spatial Climate Jan Curtis, Department of Agriculture/NRCS 503-414-3017