Note: Working Group and Subcommittee Charter Updates

The Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI) and FGDC created the Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data (SSWD) to assist coordination of Federal and non-Federal interests in spatial water data, including (1) facilitating the exchange of information and transfer of data; (2) establishing and implementing standards for quality, content, and transferability; and (3) coordinating the identification of requirements and the collection of spatial data to minimize duplication of effort where practicable and economical. Learn more

The subcommittee is exploring three initial use cases, which help to identify critical data needs, then facilitating and making the needed datasets openly available as Web services and downloads. The initial use cases were chosen to cover important societal needs and to address several diverse facets of the water information infrastructure. Learn more about the Open Water Data Initiative

Recent accomplishments

FY 2015 Accomplishments

  • Outstanding engagement and participation in the SSWD, with over 90 people from more than 30 organizations indicating interest, and with half attending the meetings on a regular basis.

  • Special OWDI tracks offered at the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) national conferences in 2014 and 2015.

  • A featured collection of technical papers related to OWDI, hosted by the Journal of the AWRA.

  • Based on user feedback, a “flattened” data model developed using National Hydrography Dataset Plus (NHDPlus).

  • The linking of USGS streamgaging stations and NWS forecast points to NHDPlus.

  • Development of OGC and Esri Web services for NHDPlus streamgaging stations.

Activity Reports

The FGDC Spatial Water Data Subcommittee provides a progress reports to the FGDC Coordination Group. These reports contain the most current updates on the activities of the Subcommittee.

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The Spatial Water Data Subcommittee maintains it's own website which has more information about the subcommittee and its activities. Visit Website