Note: Working Group and Subcommittee Charter Updates

The Geospatial Transportation Subcommittee (GTS) enhances the Transportation Theme of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure by facilitating partnerships, coordinating efforts, and heightening awareness among the geospatial-transportation community. The committee promotes best practices and develops transportation standards to improve data quality, accessibility, exchange, and interoperability. Ultimately, the GTS cultivates a greater understanding of the American transportation system by providing accurate and timely information to American decision makers.

Particulars about available meetings, resources and working groups can be found at FGDC Geospatial Transportation Subcommittee web site.

The Subcommittee’s current areas of interest include all modes of transportation, transportation networks, terminals, and services (including intermodal freight and passenger), and the movements of people and commodities using them. The subcommittee supports the efforts of NGDA Theme Lead for the Transportation Theme.