National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Management Plan

NGDA PortfolioThe NGDA Management Plan to implement portfolio management process for geospatial data, described in OMB Circular A–16 Supplemental Guidance, was approved by the FGDC Steering Committee in March 2014. The plan, the result of an interagency team effort, lays out a framework and processes for managing Federal National Geospatial Data Assets (NGDAs) as a single Federal Geospatial Portfolio in accordance with OMB policy and Administration direction. In addition, the Plan describes the actions to be taken to enable and fulfill the supporting management, reporting, and priority‐setting requirements in order to maximize the investments in, and reliability and use of, Federal geospatial assets. This Plan encompasses activities to support the following vision and goal for the A–16 NGDA Portfolio management.

The components of the plan include:

  • strategic portfolio planning;
  • coordinated development and resource pooling;
  • established goals and performance measures, indicating the benefits of each asset investment, and how it contributes to the overarching goals of the portfolio;
  • investment selection criteria; and
  • processes for reviewing the health of, and return on, asset investments that inform investment decisions, redistribution of resources, management of issues and mitigation of risks to the portfolio.

The outcomes will include a robust and accessible set of core geospatial datasets, called National Geospatial Data Assets (NGDAs).


A National Spatial Data Infrastructure Portfolio consisting of a core set of National Geospatial Data Assets (NGDAs) that are sufficiently complete, current, and accessible to support the critical business and mission requirements of the Federal Government, its partners and stakeholders.


Implement a systematic and efficient A–16 NGDA Portfolio management process that supports and optimizes investments in Federal geospatial assets for effective sharing, collaboration, and use of core geospatial data across Federal agencies and with their partners and stakeholders, in an environment that supports efficient and effective decisionmaking

National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Management Plan

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This Plan outlines actions over a 3‐year phased timeframe from fiscal years (FY) 2014 to 2016 (see fig. 3). Many actions included in the Plan were initiated prior to FY14 to support the framework. Each action is accompanied by a projected initiation date, completion date, and performance metrics for execution of portfolio management actions by Federal agencies. Because this is a living document, activities will continue beyond FY16. The Plan, as well as the timeline, will be updated as out years become budgetary and execution years. Updates will reflect the evolution and maturity of NGDA Portfolio management.


Timeline for A–16 NGDA Portfolio management implementation
Graphic showing Timeline for A–16 NGDA Portfolio management implementation

Status Reports

Status of the implementation of NGDA Management Plan Actions are reported as part of the NSDI Strategic Plan Status Reports under Goal 2: Ensure Accountability and Effective Development and Management of Federal Geospatial Resources.

  • NSDI Strategic Plan - FY 2015 Status Report (December 2015) (pdf)
    In summary, in FY 2015, an additional 5 of the 27 actions described in the plan were completed (for a total of 10 completed actions) and several activities are underway to support the remaining actions. The completed actions included registering metadata for baseline NGDA Datasets in the catalog that serves and, approving a process for the nomination and removal of NGDA Datasets within the A–16 NGDA Portfolio, establishing A–16 Theme collaboration communities on, developing the NGDA Dataset maturity assessment survey, and developing a template for NGDA Theme strategic plans. In addition, an interagency group completed documenting the definitions of geospatial investment.
  • NSDI Strategic Plan - FY 2014 Status Report (October 2015) (pdf)


For any questions or more information regarding the NGDA Management Plan, contact Dierdre Bevington-Attardi at .