Note: Working Group and Subcommittee Charter Updates

The Address Subcommittee assists the Address Theme managing agencies in developing and promoting a national strategy to identify, prioritize, implement, coordinate, manage, and provide oversight of geospatial address data related activities. This includes activities related to supporting accessible, accurate, and spatially referenced national address data available in partnership with tribal, federal, state, county, local, non-profit, and private organizations.  

Recent accomplishments

The subcommittee recently developed and published the Address Theme Strategic Plan 2019-2021 (pdf).

Activity Reports

The Address Subcommittee provides progress reports to the FGDC Coordination Group.  These reports contain a summary of the annual activities of the subcommittee.  The first activity report will be compiled at the end of 2017.  Until then, please refer to the Meeting Materials for month-to-month activities.

Meeting Materials