Mission Statement

The United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard covers thoroughfare, landmark, and postal addresses within the United States, including its outlying territories and possessions. The standard provides the information, definitions and best practices endorsed by the FGDC and its members which are required for addressing data management and real-world implementation. This page serves to provide access to the information and documentation of the current revision proposals to the Standard.


DocumentVersionDocument DateCustodian
Proposal to add Conformance clauses to FGDC Address Standard 1.0 09/01/2022 ASMS
Proposed Clarification to the Address Class Syntaxes 1.0 09/12/2022 ASMS
Adding Min-Max Occurrence and Obligation to elements and attributes 1.0 02/04/2022 ASMS
Adding Address Geometry Elements to the FGDC Address Standard 1.0 11/04/2021 ASMS
WI Address Number Parsing Example Revision  1.0 10/05/2021 ASMS
Map Position Proposal  1.8 11/16/2015 ASMS

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