September 25, 2012 FGDC Standards Working Group meeting

File Office Word 2007 XML documentGeospatial Platform: Technical Architecture and Standards draft White Paper
Abstract: The Geospatial Platform initiative is an evolution of the coordination activities supporting the Geospatial One-Stop portal and the Geospatial Line of Business, with a focus on facilitating publication of geospatial data and maps as services, highlighting nationally-significant geospatial assets, and providing portfolio management for multiple-use geospatial investments. The Platform’s Web presence currently consists of a metadata catalog, co-managed with the effort, an interactive portal to allow users to browse resources organized by category, and an integrated viewer that supports mapping and query of data and map services in common views (Web maps). The Platform also incorporates a data publication feature where small point data sets can be uploaded for mapping by publishers, and a full geospatial service capability hosted in the Amazon EC2 Cloud platform where agencies can deploy public map and data servers for assets registered in the Platform. This paper describes the current and near-term technical architecture supporting the Geospatial Platform, and an overview of the standards relevant to its operation.
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