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The Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee helps coordinate the planning and execution of geodetic surveys, developing standards and specifications for these surveys, and exchanging geodetic survey data and technical information among Federal agencies. Learn more

To provide effective leadership in these activities, NGS participates in international meetings to collaborate on international reference frames, national meetings to educate the public on U.S. national reference frames, and smaller regional meetings to discuss the particular dynamics of local geographies. These efforts directly support the NGDA Strategic Plan’s Goal 3 that calls for convening leadership of the national geospatial community.

Recent accomplishments

FY 2015 Accomplishments

The subcommittee’s accomplishments for 2015 include the following:

  • The NGS hosted the 2015 Geospatial Summit to provide information on the replacement of the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83) and North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) to improve the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).
  • The NGS developed Geodesy and Mapping educational videos and online lessons to highlight basic principles of Geodesy, the importance of the science within mapping applications, and how changes will impact their work.
  • The NGS continued to coordinate with the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service as lead agency for providing Global Positioning System (GPS) orbits to the International Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Service. The NGS also performed a site survey at the Mauna Kea Very Long Baseline Array Observatory. These efforts help determine the International Terrestrial Reference Frame, which is the basis for all GNSS positioning and is in support of the Global Geodetic Reference Frame that was included in a resolution adopted by United Nations General Assembly.
  • The Arkansas Geodetic Advisor collaborated with the USACE, USGS, and the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to collect simultaneous GPS observations along the Mississippi River. In fiscal year 2015, GPS observations on 137 bench marks were shared, improving the accessibility of NAVD 88 heights in the regions.
  • The NGS is working with the BLM and State partners to discuss options for maintaining the cadastral control database developed in Montana. Transitioning Cadastral and Geodetic Control databases and hosted services to the would better serve the public providing Web services to connect to local, State, and Federal governments.
  • The NOAA continued working with Canada to replace the International Great Lakes Datum of 1985 in 2025. This year, various partners completed a simultaneous GPS campaign at the U.S. and Canadian tide gages. This type of survey is repeated over time to monitor isostatic rebound in the Great Lakes region.
  • The Pacific Geodetic Advisor continued working with USGS to accurately monitor water levels in Maui’s Aquifers by increasing the density of Maui’s vertical geodetic control network.

Activity Reports

The Geodetic Control Subcommittee provides progress reports to the FGDC Coordination Group. These reports contain the most current updates on the activities of the subcommittee.

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