2009 NSDI CAP - Categories 1, 5, 6, and 7 awarded

The FGDC is very pleased to announce the 2009 NSDI CAP awards for the following categories.

  • Category 1: Metadata Trainer and Outreach Assistance
  • Category 5: Building Data Stewardship for The National Map and the NSDI
  • Category 6: FGDC-Endorsed Standards Development and Implementation Assistance and Outreach
  • Category 7: Demonstration of Geospatial Data Partnerships Across Local, State and Federal Government

A total of twelve awards went to proposals in these categories.  More information about these and the category 3 awards are available here.

The awards for category 2 and 4 will be announced very soon.

Additional Information:

Contact: Gita Urban-Mathieux, burbanma [at] fgdc.gov, 703-648-5175