National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Metadata Training

The purpose of this National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) metadata project is to provide outreach assistance to organizations interested in sharing their biological metadata records with the broader scientific community. Through partnerships with these organizations, NBII will provide assistance in the establishment or enhancement of their metadata programs, and provide the partner organization a unique presence on the NBII Clearinghouse. The project will focus on World Data Center organizations such as Millennium Assessment, and, in addition, State Fish and Wildlife programs and State Heritage Programs. This proposed project will seek to identify the metadata needs of each partner organization, assist in the development of a sustainable metadata program for the organization by providing necessary training in the FGDC Content Standard for Geospatial Metadata and the Biological Data Profile, and provide support for record discovery through the NBII Clearinghouse.

Final Report


Vivian Hutchison

Other contact:

Thomas Hermann
703-648-4211 (phone)