FGDC Profile(s) of the ISO Technical Committee 211 Metadata Standard (ISO 19115)

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To create implementable subsets and extensions of ISO 19115- Geographic Information/Metadata as defined by that standard so that conversion of FGDC support tools, and implementations to meet ISO conformance requirements is facilitated and to maintain, to the greatest extent, harmony between ISO and FGDC geospatial metadata.


The development of FGDC metadata profiles that conform to the ISO 19115 Metadata standard.  The metadata profiles presently being proposed are (1) a profile of ISO 19115 that is harmonized and consistent with FGDC-STD-001-1998 and (2) a profile that fully incorporates the richness and fullness of ISO 19115.  Profile 1 will ensure existing FGDC metadata records can be migrated that conform to ISO 19115 while Profile 2 will enable metadata producers to fully exploit and metadata users to fully utilize the richness of ISO 19115.  It is important to note that ISO 19115 has numerous metadata entities and attributes that are presently deficient in FGDC-STD-001-1998.  During the course of development of these profiles, it may be determined that additional profiles are necessary to fully meet the NSDI metadata requirements.

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FGDC Metadata Ad Hoc Working Group

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Proposal  2001-06-13 FGDC Standards Working Group