National Hydrography Framework Geospatial Data Content Standard

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To create a new Framework content standard for hydrography (hereafter referred to as the Hydrography Framework Standard). 


The effort shall extract sufficient capabilities from existing implementations of hydrography content to facilitate common adoption across the widest possible user community. The Hydrography Framework Standard will include a conceptual model including an essential data schema, its data entities and attributes, and functional capabilities that conforming data shall support. Supported Feature classes within the Framework, a system of permanent Feature identifiers, and the linkage of characteristics that exist at points and along sections of water bodies will be considered in the development of the standard. The standards document will address how cross-walks can be constructed from alternative coding systems to the Framework schema for information exchange using the encoded Framework schema as a common reference. The standard may exclude definition and classification of basin or watershed boundaries.

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Subcommittee on Spatial Water Data

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Proposal    2000-12-12  FGDC Standards Working Group