Geologic Data Model

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The objective of this standard is to create a logical data model that will describe the various critical entities of a geologic map and the relations among them. The intent is to develop and propose a standard that is widely accepted by map producers using a wide variety of computer and software systems.


This standard will describe how geologic map information will be configured in digital format, but will not proscribe methods by which geologic maps will be made. Geologic maps are very diverse in the type of information contained. The developers of the geologic map data model recognize this diversity, but will focus on the elements of geologic maps that are common to all or at least most geologic maps. In recognition of the diversity of information in geologic maps, the data model is being designed to allow for development of extensions to the standard.

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Geologic Data Subcommittee

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Proposal    2001-10-10  FGDC Standards Working Group