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Annex D: Long Element Names

Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of the data elements with both their short names (as used in the GEO Schema described in Annex C) and the long names (as used in the FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata [2]).

SGML Tag Long Element Name
absres Abscissa Resolution
abstract Abstract
accscons Access Constraints
accsinst Access Instructions
address Address
addrtype Address Type
albers Albers Conical Equal Area
altdatum Altitude Datum Name
altenc Altitude Encoding Method
altres Altitude Resolution
altsys Altitude System Definition
altunits Altitude Distance Units
arcsys ARC Coordinate System
arczone ARC System Zone Identifier
attr Attribute
attracc Attribute Accuracy
attracce Attribute Accuracy Explanation
attraccr Attribute Accuracy Report
attraccv Attribute Accuracy Value
attrdef Attribute Definition
attrdefs Attribute Definition Source
attrdomv Attribute Domain Values
attrlabl Attribute Label
attrmfrq Attribute Measurement Frequency
attrmres Attribute Measurement Resolution
attrunit Attribute Units of Measurement
attrva Attribute Value Accuracy
attrvae Attribute Value Accuracy Explanation
attrvai Attribute Value Accuracy Information
availabl Available Time Period
azimangl Azimuthal Angle
azimequi Azimuthal Equidistant
azimptl Azimuth Measure Point Longitude
bearrefd Bearing Reference Direction
bearrefm Bearing Reference Meridian
bearres Bearing Resolution
bearunit Bearing Units
begdate Beginning Date
begdatea Beginning Date of Attribute Values
begtime Beginning Time
bounding Bounding Coordinates
browse Browse Graphic
browsed Browse Graphic File Description
browsen Browse Graphic File Name
browset Browse Graphic File Type
caldate Calendar Date
citation Citation
citeinfo Citation Information
city City
cloud Cloud Cover
cntaddr Contact Address
cntemail Contact Electronic Mail Address
cntfax Contact Facsimile Telephone
cntinfo Contact Information
cntinst Contact Instructions
cntorg Contact Organization
cntorgp Contact Organization Primary
cntper Contact Person
cntperp Contact Person Primary
cntpos Contact Position
cnttdd Contact TDD/TTY Telephone
cntvoice Contact Voice Telephone
codesetd Codeset Domain
codesetn Codeset Name
codesets Codeset Source
colcount Column Count
compat Compatibility Information
complete Completeness Report
compress Compression Support
computer Computer Contact Information
coordrep Coordinate Representation
country Country
crossref Cross Reference
current Currentness Reference
custom Custom Order Process
datacred Data Set Credit
dataqual Data Quality Information
denflat Denominator of Flattening Ratio
depthdn Depth Datum Name
depthdu Depth Distance Units
depthem Depth Encoding Method
depthres Depth Resolution
depthsys Depth System Definition
descript Description
detailed Detailed Description
dialfile Dialup File Name
dialinst Dialup Instructions
dialtel Dialup Telephone
digform Digital Form
digtinfo Digital Transfer Information
digtopt Digital Transfer Option
direct Direct Spatial Reference Method
distbrep Distance and Bearing Representation
distinfo Distribution Information
distliab Distribution Liability
distres Distance Resolution
distrib Distributor
dsgpoly Data Set G-Polygon
dsgpolyo Data Set G-Polygon Outer G-Ring
dsgpolyx Data Set G-Polygon Exclusion G-Ring
eadetcit Entity and Attribute Detail Citation
eainfo Entity and Attribute Information
eaover Entity and Attribute Overview
eastbc East Bounding Coordinate
edition Edition
edom Enumerated Domain
edomv Enumerated Domain Value
edomvd Enumerated Domain Value Definition
edomvds Enumerated Domain Value Definition Source
ellips Ellipsoid Name
enddate Ending Date
enddatea Ending Date of Attribute Values
endtime Ending Time
enttyp Entity Type
enttypd Entity Type Definition
enttypds Entity Type Definition Source
enttypl Entity Type Label
equicon Equidistant Conic
equirect Equirectangular
extent Extent
feast False Easting
fees Fees
filedec File Decompression Technique
fnorth False Northing
formcont Format Information Content
formname Format Name
formspec Format Specification
formverd Format Version Date
formvern Format Version Number
geodetic Geodetic Model
geoform Geospatial Data Presentation Form
geograph Geographic
geogunit Geographic Coordinate Units
gnomonic Gnomonic
gridsys Grid Coordinate System
gridsysn Grid Coordinate System Name
gringlat G-Ring Latitude
gringlon G-Ring Longitude
gvnsp General Vertical Near-sided Projection
heightpt Height of Perspective Point Above Surface
highbps Highest BPS
horizdn Horizontal Datum Name
horizpa Horizontal Positional Accuracy
horizpae Horizontal Positional Accuracy Explanation
horizpar Horizontal Positional Accuracy Report
horizpav Horizontal Positional Accuracy Value
horizsys Horizontal Coordinate System Definition
hours Hours of Service
idinfo Identification Information
indspref Indirect Spatial Reference
issue Issue Identification
keywords Keywords
lamberta Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
lambertc Lambert Conformal Conic
landsat Landsat Number
latprjc Latitude of Projection Center
latprjo Latitude of Projection Origin
latres Latitude Resolution
lineage Lineage
local Local
localdes Local Description
localgeo Local Georeference Information
localp Local Planar
localpd Local Planar Description
localpgi Local Planar Georeference Information
logic Logical Consistency Report
longcm Longitude of Central Meridian
longpc Longitude of Projection Center
longres Longitude Resolution
lowbps Lowest BPS
lworkcit Larger Work Citation
mapproj Map Projection
mapprojn Map Projection Name
mdattim Multiple Dates/Times
mercator Mercator
metac Metadata Access Constraints
metadata Metadata
metainfo Metadata Reference Information
metc Metadata Contact
metd Metadata Date
metfrd Metadata Future Review Date
metrd Metadata Review Date
metsc Metadata Security Classification
metscs Metadata Security Classification System
metshd Metadata Security Handling Description
metsi Metadata Security Information
metstdn Metadata Standard Name
metstdv Metadata Standard Version
mettc Metadata Time Convention
metuc Metadata Use Constraints
miller Miller Cylindrical
modsak Modified Stereographic for Alaska
native Native Data Set Environment
networka Network Address
networkr Network Resource Name
nondig Non-digital Form
northbc North Bounding Coordinate
numdata Number DataBits
numstop Number StopBits
obqlazim Oblique Line Azimuth
obqllat Oblique Line Latitude
obqllong Oblique Line Longitude
obqlpt Oblique Line Point
obqmerc Oblique Mercator
offmedia Offline Media
offoptn Offline Option
oncomp Online Computer and Operating System
onlink Online Linkage
onlinopt Online Option
ordering Ordering Instructions
ordres Ordinate Resolution
origin Originator
orthogr Orthographic
othercit Other Citation Details
othergrd Other Grid System's Definition
otherprj Other Projection's Definition
overview Overview Description
parity Parity
pathnum Path Number
place Place
placekey Place Keyword
placekt Place Keyword Thesaurus
planar Planar
plance Planar Coordinate Encoding Method
planci Planar Coordinate Information
plandu Planar Distance Units
polarst Polar Stereographic
polycon Polyconic
posacc Positional Accuracy
postal Postal Code
proccont Process Contact
procdate Process Date
procdesc Process Description
procstep Process Step
proctime Process Time
progress Progress
ptcontac Point of Contact
ptvctcnt Point and Vector Object Count
ptvctinf Point and Vector Object Information
pubdate Publication Date
pubinfo Publication Information
publish Publisher
pubplace Publication Place
pubtime Publication Time
purpose Purpose
qattracc Quantitative Attribute Accuracy Assessment
qhorizpa Quantitative Horizontal Positional Accuracy Assessment
qvertpa Quantitative Vertical Positional Accuracy Assessment
rastinfo Raster Object Information
rasttype Raster Object Type
rdom Range Domain
rdommax Range Domain Maximum
rdommin Range Domain Minimum
reccap Recording Capacity
recden Recording Density
recdenu Recording Density Units
recfmt Recording Format
resdesc Resource Description
rngdates Range of Dates/Times
robinson Robinson
rowcount Row Count
sdtsterm SDTS Terms Description
sdtstype SDTS Point and Vector Object Type
secclass Security Classification
sechandl Security Handling Description
secinfo Security Information
secsys Security Classification System
semiaxis Semi-major Axis
serinfo Series Information
sername Series Name
sfctrlin Scale Factor at Center Line
sfctrmer Scale Factor at Central Meridian
sfequat Scale Factor at Equator
sfprjorg Scale Factor at Projection Origin
sinusoid Sinusoidal
sngdate Single Date/Time
southbc South Bounding Coordinate
spaceobq Space Oblique Mercator (Landsat)
spcs State Plane Coordinate System
spcszone SPCS Zone Identifier
spdoinfo Spatial Data Organization Information
spdom Spatial Domain
spref Spatial Reference Information
srccite Source Citation
srccitea Source Citation Abbreviation
srccontr Source Contribution
srccurr Source Currentness Reference
srcinfo Source Information
srcprod Source Produced Citation Abbreviation
srcscale Source Scale Denominator
srctime Source Time Period of Content
srcused Source Used Citation Abbreviation
state State or Province
status Status
stdorder Standard Order Process
stdparll Standard Parallel
stereo Stereographic
stratkey Stratum Keyword
stratkt Stratum Keyword Thesaurus
stratum Stratum
supplinf Supplemental Information
svlong Straight Vertical Longitude from Pole
techpreq Technical Prerequisites
tempkey Temporal Keyword
tempkeyt Temporal Keyword Thesaurus
temporal Temporal
theme Theme
themekey Theme Keyword
themekt Theme Keyword Thesaurus
time Time of Day
timeinfo Time Period Information
timeperd Time Period of Content
title Title
transize Transfer Size
transmer Transverse Mercator
turnarnd Turnaround
typesrc Type of Source Media
udom Unrepresentable Domain
update Maintenance and Update Frequency
ups Universal Polar Stereographic
upszone UPS Zone Identifier
useconst Use Constraints
utm Universal Transverse Mercator
utmzone UTM Zone Number
vdgrin van der Grinten
vertacc Vertical Positional Accuracy
vertacce Vertical Positional Accuracy Explanation
vertaccr Vertical Positional Accuracy Report
vertaccv Vertical Positional Accuracy Value
vertdef Vertical Coordinate System Definition
vpflevel VPF Topology Level
vpfterm VPF Terms Description
vpftype VPF Point and Vector Object Type
vrtcount Vertical Count
westbc West Bounding Coordinate

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