NSDI Framework Transportation Identification Standard

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To provide a logical data model for identifying unique road segments which are independent of cartographic or analytic network representation. These road segments will form the basis for maintenance of NSDI framework road data (through transactions or other means), and for establishing links among road segments and attribute data.


In accordance with the FGDC Standards Reference Model, the NSDI Framework Transportation Identification Standard being proposed under the classification of a data content standard. However, it also includes mandatory standards for assigning and reporting identification codes as well as voluntary guidelines for data collection under the classification of a process standard.

This standard will specify a conceptual model for identifying physical road segments that are temporally stable and independent of any cartographic representation, scale, level of detail or network application, and a process for combining the road segments to create topologically connected analytical networks. The model will include a set of locational descriptors for each road segment included in the NSDI framework road layer, and a format for a unique identification code to be assigned to each identified segment. The standard will also specify a process for assigning, modifying and recording road segment identification codes.

Guidelines for selecting and locating the end points of appropriate road segments will be included as an informative appendix. The user of the standard does not have to follow the guidelines to be in conformance with the standard.

The basic Framework Transportation Identification Standard can be extended to cover other transportation networks including railroads, commercial waterways, pipelines, and public transit guideways. Other network layers may require different process standards for assigning and recording identification codes. These additional process standards are not included as part of this initial standard.

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Ground Transportation Subcommittee

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1998-03-31 FGDC Standards Working Group
Public review draft
2000-12 Ground Transportation Subcommittee