Spatial Data Transfer Standard, Part 6: Point Profile

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National Geodetic Survey


This profile shall provide for the transfer of higher precision geographic point data in compliance with SDTS, FIPS 173.


Part 6, the Point Profile, contains specifications for a SDTS profile for use with geographic point data only, with the option to carry high precision coordinates (by increasing the number of decimal places or significant figures) such as those required for geodetic network control points can be attained. (This profile is a modification of Part 4, the Topological Vector Profile, and follows many of the conventions of that profile.) Geographic point data herein describes real-world features, rather than a symbolized map graphic. The data may be derived from a cartographic product (map), but the scope of the Point Profile is to convey high precision point data, such as data derived from high precision geodetic network control surveys, rather than information about geographic features displayed on maps. The profile does not include the transfer of topological structures.

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