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FGDC standards in development

Standard Most recent status Document Date Sponsor
Earth Cover Classification Standard Proposal
1999/09/13 Earth Cover Working Group (inactive)
Encoding Standard for Metadata Working draft
2000/02/17 Clearinghouse Working Group
Geologic Data Model Proposal
Geologic Data Subcommittee
Shoreline Data Content Standard Public review draft 2007/03/07 National Geodetic Survey
FGDC Profile(s) of ISO 19115
Proposal 2001/06/13 Metadata WG
Content Standards for Framework Land Elevation Data Final draft 1999/01
Subcommittee for Base Cartographic Data (retired)
Cultural Resources Geospatial Data Content Standard  Proposal  2008/02/14 Subcommittee on Cultural and Demographic Data 
Federal Buildings and Facilities Geospatial Data Content Standard Proposal  2010/01 General Services Administration (GSA)
Maintenance and Review of the National Wetland Classification Standard Proposal 2010/02 Wetlands Subcommittee
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