Framework Data Content Standard Begins ANSI/INCITS/L1 Approval Process

On January 20, 2006, the FGDC transferred the Framework Data Content Standard (the “Framework Standard”) to the Chair of the INCITS-L1.  This action begins the ANSI/INCITS approval process that will lead to the Framework Standard as an ANSI American National Standard.

The INCITS-L1 chair immediately released the Framework Standard for a review and 30-day letter ballot.  The voting closes on February 23, 2006.

Committee members and interested parties may download the 13 individual parts of the draft Standard as PDF files from an FGDC Web site (the URL is included below).  Participants have 30 days to review, and comment on the Standard.  INCITS-L1 committee members will cast their votes (Yes, No, or Abstain) using letter ballots that are mailed to the committee chair.

The 13 parts of the Framework Standard are:

  • Part 0 - Base
  • Part 1 - Cadastral
  • Part 2 - Digital Orthoimagery
  • Part 3 - Elevation
  • Part 4 - Geodetic Control
  • Part 5 - Governmental Units and other Geographic Area Boundaries
  • Part 6 - Hydrography
  • Part 7 - Transportation
  • Part 7a - Air
  • Part 7b - Rail
  • Part 7c - Road
  • Part 7d - Transit
  • Part 7e - Inland Waterways

During the ANSI/INCITS approval process, the FGDC has pledged to provide support, and will serve as the Maintenance Authority for the approved ANSI American National Standard.

The FGDC Website for the Framework Standard is

 ANSI is the American National Standards Institute.

INCITS is the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards.

For more information, please contact Billy Tolar (, 703-648-7759) or Julie Maitra (, 703-648-4627).