Standards updates

Standards updates provide status of geospatial standardization activities. There are over 300 standards tracked in the standards update log. These standards include FGDC, ISO, OGC and other geospatial or related standardization activities The log has been maintained since February 2011.

Standards updates

Use of standards updates

 Use of standards update

(L) The table shows how the FGDC notifies the geospatial community about publication of a new standards update.

(R) The November 2016 standards update was published on January 9, 2017.  For the period of January 9-29, 2017, there were 51 page views and 38 unique visitors.  The bar chart shows page views by date.  Most page views occurred in the first 3 days after publication.  At bottom is a testimonial from the U.S. Census Bureau on how they use the standards update.