NSDI standards policies

Policy DocumentDocument DateRemarks
CIRCULAR NO. A-119 Revised on Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities 1998 Revised OMB Circular A-119 (1998) establishes policies on Federal use and development of voluntary consensus standards and on conformity assessment activities.  Pub. L. 104-113, the "National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995," codified existing policies in A-119, established reporting requirements, and authorized the National Institute of Standards and Technology to coordinate conformity assessment activities of the agencies.

 A request for comments on a proposed revision of OMB Circular No. A-119 was published in the Federal Register on February 11, 2014.  The deadline for comments was May 12, 2014
OMB Circular A-16 Revised on Coordination of Geographic Information Related Spatial Data Activities 2002 OMB Circular A-16 provides direction for federal agencies that produce, maintain, or use spatial data either directly or indirectly in the fulfillment of their mission and provides for improvements in the coordination and use of spatial data. The Circular also describes effective and economical use and management of spatial data assets in the digital environment for the benefit of the Federal Government and the Nation. The Circular establishes a coordinated approach to electronically develop the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and establishes the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC).

A-16 Supplemental Guidance further defines and clarifies elements of OMB Circular A-16 to facilitate the adoption and implementation of a coordinated and effective Federal geospatial asset management capability and improve support of mission-critical business requirements of the Federal Government and its stakeholders.  It also provides the foundation for a portfolio management approach to National Geospatial Data Asset Themes (NGDA Themes) and their associated National Geospatial Data Asset Datasets (NGDA Datasets).
E-Government Act of 2002 (PUBLIC LAW 107–347), Section 216, Common Protocols for Geographic Information Systems  2002 The purposes of Section 216 are to (1) reduce redundant data collection and information; and (2) promote collaboration and use of standards for government geographic information.
FGDC Policy on Recognition of Non-Federally Authored Geographic Information Standards and Specifications  2005 This policy establishes a mechanism for FGDC recognition of non-Federally authored standards or specifications that are relevant to the missions and spatial data responsibilities of Federal agencies as set forth in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-16.
OMB Memorandum M-13-13 on Open Data Policy-Managing Information as an Asset   2013 

This memorandum defines "open data."It establishes a framework to help institutionalize the principles of effective information management at each stage of the information's life cycle to promote interoperability and openness. Specifically, this Memorandum requires agencies to collect or create information to support downstream information processing and dissemination activities. This includes using machine-readable and open formats, data standards, and common core and extensible metadata for all new information creation and collection. 

OMB Circular A-119: Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities 2016

OMB revised Circular A-119, "Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities" (hereinafter, Circular A-119, or, the Circular) in light of developments in regulation, standards, and conformity assessment since the Circular was last revised in 1998. 

Supplementary information (pages 1-11) covers OMB Circular A-119 (1998), discussion and responses to significant comments on the 1998 version, and a section-by-section discussion on the 2016 version.  The circular itself begins on page 12.