1997 Reports on NSDI Implementation

In early 1997 the FGDC Steering Committee approved the revised Strategy for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The Strategy was developed through the work of the FGDC and many individuals and organizations in the geospatial data community. The Strategy sets out a Vision and Goals and Objectives for the NSDI, and is intended to be used as a basis for implementation actions.

In October of 1997 a request went out to FGDC Subcommittees, Working Groups, and Federal agencies to report their 1997 accomplishments in implementing the NSDI. Reports that have been submitted are linked to the Subcommittee, Working Group or Agency name. Questions or comments regarding reports should be directed to the group or agency. For contact information, please see the FGDC web site: http://www.fgdc.gov/fgdc/fgdc.html


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