Executive Orders

Executive Order 12906: COORDINATING GEOGRAPHIC DATA ACQUISITION AND ACCESS: THE NATIONAL SPATIAL DATA INFRASTRUCTURE, signed by President Bill Clinton on April 11, 1994, launched the initiative to create the NSDI.  President George W. Bush amended EO 12906 by issuance of Executive Order 13286 on March 5, 2003.

Executive Order 12906

Executive Order 12906published in the April 13, 1994, edition of the Federal Register, Volume 59, Number 71, pp. 17671-17674 established executive branch leadership for development of the coordinated National Spatial Data Infrastructure, and called for development of a National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, spatial data standards, a National Digital Geospatial Data Framework and partnerships for data acquisition. The Executive Order was amended in 2003 in connection with the transfer of certain functions to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Executive Order 13286

Executive Order 13286, published in the March 5, 2003, edition of the Federal Register, Volume 68, Number 43, pp. 10619-10633 amended Executive Order 12906.