May 1, 2001 FGDC Coordination Meeting Summary

Please note that there are several action items requiring quick response.

Host: Katherine Hansen, Council for Excellence in Government

John Moeller, FGDC
Alison Kiernan, FGDC
Margarette Shoulin, EPA
Chuck Croner, CDC
Tony Frater, OMB
Kathy Covert, FGDC
Wanda Hodge, USFS
Michael Domaratz, USGS
Paul Cutler, NRC
Jean McGinn, USACE
Chris Fairhall, OMB
Mark Reichardt, OGC
Ronald Matzner, FGDC
Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC
Andrew Rushin, NOAA
Rick Yorczyk, NOAA
Bruce Ambacher, NARA
Katherine Hansen, CEG
Doug Nebert, FGDC
Marieke Brik, CEG
Jason G. Racette, BLM
Pamela Sue LaFontaine, DOT
David Morehouse, DOE
Milo Robinson, FGDC
Leslie Wollack, NSGIC
Hedy Rossmeissl, USGS
Rick Pearsall, USGS

Introduction and Announcements - John Moeller, Director FGDC Staff

    Action: Please send Alison Kiernan ( the contact information for your current Steering Committee member.

    Action: Please send your comments concerning the OMB Report format to Alison Kiernan (

FGDC staff will work with Tony Frater on format for the annual OMB Report. This also will be discussed at the June Steering Committee meeting.

- The National Map - Mike Domaratz, USGS. The National Map is a proposed database of continually updated U.S. spatial data. The National Map places an emphasis on partnerships and will display larger-scale, more detailed data than the National Atlas.

The report can be found at: Comments and questions may be directed to Mike Domaratz will give a more detailed briefing at the June 5 Coordination Group meeting.

- CAP Program Award Selection - David Painter, FGDC. The cooperative agreements program provides matching grants to state, local, and Federal agencies wishing to contribute to the NSDI. 54 proposals were received and accepted for 2001, with a total of $827,000 awarded. The newly awarded projects should be underway by September.

PowerPoint Presentation (398 KB)

    Action: Coordination Group approved granting awards to 54 CAP applicants for 2001.

A fact sheet containing contact information for each of the projects will be posted at the FGDC CAP 2001 website.

Doug Nebert is considering undertaking a review to evaluate the results and status of past CAP awards. The University of Buffalo is also evaluating the CAP program.

- OpenGIS Update - Mark Reichardt, OGC. The OpenGIS is a global, nonprofit, consensus-based program which uses open interfaces to enable the extraction of data from different sources - enabling content providers, application developers and integrators to deliver more capable products and services, quickly and inexpensively, to consumers. The OpenGIS Interoperability Program 2001 Initiatives include: Open location services, Open Web Services, and OGC Network.

PowerPoint Presentation (1,619 KB)

Information can be found at:

An article regarding the relationship of ESRI Geography Network to OpenGIS specifications entitled "Geography Network Supports Open Standards" can be found at:

- I-Team Initiative - Ron Matzner, FGDC. The I-Team Initiative is a joint effort between OMB, FGDC, Urban Logic, and the Council for Excellence in Government. The I-Team goals include developing state NSDI contributions; building on existing partnerships, projects, and initiatives; implementing the NSDI principles; and preparing the I-Process Plan. The I-Teams are striving to determine needs, identify users, and align the needs and resources of the partners. Subcommittees and working groups will be created to determine costs and means of funding. I-Teams require Federal involvement at local and National levels. A Federal Partners Team is being formed to provide interoperability at the Federal level.

PowerPoint Presentation (132 KB)

    Action: States wishing to join the I-Team should send Ron Matzner ( a brief summary of the steps they will follow to create an I-Team.

    Action: Please contact Ron Matzner ( if you wish to be involved in the Federal Partners plan.

The Financial Solutions team will have a monthly teleconference to determine how best to align resources in order to save money.

    Action: Please contact Ron Matzner ( with your nomination for the Financial Solutions Team.

I-Team strategic plans as well as lists of I-Team members and coordinators will be on the FGDC website by late May.

- The Steering Committee Meeting will be planned with June as the anticipated date. The A-16 revision and OMB reporting requirements will be discussed.

- A-16 Revision. Milo Robinson is making the revisions to the Final Coordination Group Draft of the A-16. Please see attached current draft.

MS Word Document (148 KB)

    Action: Please brief your Steering Committee member on the A-16 prior to the June Steering Committee meeting.

- GSDI5 Conference to take place in Cartagena, Columbia, May 21 - 25. John Kelmelis of USGS will give a keynote presentation. John Moeller and Doug Nebert will be presenting on NSDI and Clearinghouse activities respectively.

- Standards. Please note that these standards are currently out for public review: the Address Content Standard, the NSDI Framework Transportation Identification Standard, U.S. National Grid, and the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata: Extensions for Remote Sensing Metadata.

The Awardees of the FGDC Standards Development Funds will be announced later this week.

Next Coordination Group Meeting

Date: June 5, 2001
Site: NOAA facility in Silver Spring, MD (Richard Yorczyk)
Agenda Topics:

  • The National Map
  • The Steering Committee meeting
  • GeoData Alliance
  • Standard Development Funds Awardees Announcements

Please note that there will be no Coordination Group meeting for July.

Please submit agenda suggestions to Alison Kiernan (

An agenda will be forwarded shortly.