NGAC Adopts New Papers on Data as a Service and Infrastructure

The National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) adopted several new products at its September 2018 meeting.  These papers are timely and highly relevant to current activities related to the Federal Data Strategy and infrastructure initiatives.  The papers address the following topics:

1. Data as a Service.
The NGAC adopted a paper, Geospatial Data as a Service: A Vital Investment in American Enterprise and Innovation, at the September NGAC meeting.  This paper examines current and future needs for DaaS from the perspective of federal data repositories that provide online data access and discusses the benefits and opportunities for maximizing these data investments.

2. Infrastructure.
The NGAC adopted four use cases at the September NGAC meeting related to geospatial support for infrastructure initiatives. The use cases are as follows:

These use cases supplement the previous paper the NGAC completed on infrastructure initiatives, "Geospatial Information: The Key to Smart Infrastructure Investments".

The NGAC has played a key role in providing external advice and recommendations to the FGDC community.  With the passage of the Geospatial Data Act (GDA) the NGAC will take on additional responsibilities as a statutorily-authorized advisory committee.  FGDC looks forward to continued productive engagement with the members of the NGAC on the implementation of the GDA.