Metadata Publications List

Author Title Abstract Year Published by Category Format
Federal Geographic Data Committee Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata Workbook A user-friendly workbook to aid metadata creators in implementing the CSDGM Vers. 2.0. Includes background, format requirements, element definitions, FAQs, example metadata and a glossary 2000 FGDC Workbook [PDF 1 MB]
Federal Geographic Data Committee Biological Metadata Profile Factsheet Development of a biological "profile" of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata standard is one of the primary areas of emphasis of the FGDC's Biological Data Working Group. 2003

Federal Geographic Data Committee Geospatial Metadata Factsheet Provides general information about Geospatial Metadata 2011 FGDC

Federal Geographic Data Committee Geospatial Metadata Quick Guide A quick reference guide that outlines quality content for commonly used metadata elements. Includes guidance on incorporating ISO 19115 Topic Categories into the CSDGM Theme_Keywords. 2005 FGDC Quick Guide [PDF 219KB]
Federal Geographic Data Committee , National Metadata Cadre Top Ten Metadata Errors A tongue in cheek look at the most common errors made when creating geospatial metadata. 2006 FGDC Publication [PDF 95 KB]
Federal Geographic Data Committee CSDGM Essential Metadata Elements A set of recommended metadata elements that can be used to as a boilerplate for the development of organizational metadata and templates. Users are strongly encouraged to consider the following as a starting place for template development and not a solution to minimizing the standard. The set represents an expansion to the purely mandatory elements specified by the CSDGM. 2008 FGDC Quick Guide PDF [47 KB]
Lynda Wayne Institutionalize Metadata Before It Institutionalizes You Recommendations for integrating geospatial metadata creation into the data development process and making the business case for metadata to administrative and technical staff. 2005 FGDC Publication [Word 81KB]
Lynda Wayne Metadata In Action: expanding the utility of geospatial metadata Recommendations for using your own geospatial metadata to support in-house data management and project management functions. 2005 FGDC Publication Word [66 KB]
Federal Geographic Data Committee Preparing for International Metadata
Guidance document for preparing for International metadata
PDF [850 KB]