ISO Metadata Editor Review


As the transition towards implementation of ISO geospatial metadata standard gets underway, the community requested that FGDC compile information about applications capable of creating ISO 19115:2003 Geographic Information - Metadata + Corrigendum 1 metadata. The information below was compiled to address that need.  This information will be updated for editors that support the ISO 19115-1:2014 - Geographic information -- Metadata -- Part 1: Fundamentals.


The following review of available ISO Metadata Editors was lead by the FGDC Metadata Working Group with special assistance from the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC). The review was compiled in two parts. Part One, the ‘Feature Review’, collected information about editor features and capabilities directly from the application developers. Part Two, the ‘User Review’, collected the observations of volunteers from the FGDC Metadata Working Group as they accessed and applied the editors. All content was obtained from, and reviewed by, application developers and users. As such, FGDC is not responsible for inaccuracies or misrepresentations. Furthermore, presentation of this information does not constitute nor imply an endorsement of these applications by the FGDC.

The review was limited to ISO 19115:2003 Geographic Information - Metadata + Corrigendum 1 based metadata editors and does not include applications limited to:

  • metadata standards other than ISO 19115
  • metadata validation, distribution or other non-editor metadata operations.


FGDC worked with developers to update the information in 2009. Additional updates will be provided as new editors and features emerge. Only those ISO Metadata Editors for which the developers provided ‘Feature Review’ information are included. Developers interested in including information about additional editors or users interested in participating in the ‘User Review’ of current or additional editors can contact the FGDC. All ‘User Review’ observations will be moderated to standardize the presentation of content.  (Note: some of this information was part of an early CSDGM Metadata Editor review created by Hugh Phillips and posted at: 


The 2009 update includes eleven editors:

Due to the increased number of editors, only summary results are presented. To view detailed information about each editor, select the ‘Details Spreadsheet’ option provided for each component below.


CATMDEdit v.4.5
ESRI ArcCatalog v9.3 ESRI
Geoportal Extension v9.3.1 sp1
GeoNetwork v2.4.1 IME v4.1 INSPIRE Metadata Editor v1.06
M3CAT v1.6 MetaD v3.0.5 MetaGenie v2.0 Preludio v2.1
TerraCatalog v2.2
Supported Standards The editing environment includes elements from the following ISO standards:
ISO 19115 Geospatial Metadata
ISO 19110 Feature Catalog

ISO 19119 Services

North American Profile (Planned)

Other Standards

Interface The following interface environments are available for editing:

Other Interface Environments

Application Environment The application runs as:
Desktop - Stand Alone

Desktop - Network


Other Environment

Operating System The editor operates in the following operating systems:




Other Operating Systems MAC

Data Storage Metadata is stored in the editor as:
Internal Database (no add't software/license required)

External Dbase (add't software/license required)


Other Data Storage

Programming Languages The source programming languages are:



Open Source


Other Programming Languages

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CATMDEdit v.4.5
ESRI ArcCatalog v9.2 ESRI Geoportal Extension v9.3.1 sp1
GeoNetwork v2.4.1 IME v4.1 INSPIRE Metadata Editor v1.06
M3CAT v1.6 MetaD v3.0.5 MetaGenie v2.0 Preludio v2.1
TerraCatalog v2.2
Support Features The following support features are provided:
Drop-down Lists
Direct Access to Metadata Element Definitions

Spell Check

Interactive Content Guidance

Operating Instruction Manual
Auto-capture Properties from Data Set

Other Support Features

Edit Operations The following edit operations can be performed:
Create 'library' of Contacts, Sources, or Other Content

Multiple Edit Languages

Save Incomplete Record

Batch Edits

Auto-populate Some Content

Embed Attachments

Other Edit Operations

Validation Operations The following validation operations can be performed:
Compliance Check
Batch Validate

Validate Incomplete Record
Other Validation Features

Customization The user can add and/or create:
Custom Elements

Custom Domains/Picklists

Custom Thesaurus

Custom Templates

Custom Interface

Other Customizations

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CATMDEdit v. 4.5
ESRI ArcCatalog v9.3 ESRI Geoportal Extension 9.3.1 sp1
GeoNetwork v2.4.1 IME v4.1 INSPIRE Metadata Editor v1.06
M3CAT v1.6 MetaD v3.0.5 MetaGenie v2.0 Preludio v2.1
TerraCatalog v2.2
Management Operations The following mangement operations can be performed:


Indicates Workflow Status (draft, validated, etc.)

Delete Record

Batch Delete

Other Management Operations

Import Operations The following import operations can be performed:
Import records Formatted to Other Standards

Batch Import

Other Import Operations

Export Operations The following export operations can be performed:
Export Records to Other Standards

Batch Export

Other Export Operations

Output Format Records can be output as:
ISO 19139 XML

XML (non-19139)

With User-designated XSLT


Other Output Format

Metadata Publication Metadata can be published from the editor via:

Web Accessible Folder (WAF)

Open Archive Initiative (OAI) Metadata Service

Catalog Service for the Web (CSW)

Other Publication Service/Protocol

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