ISO Geospatial Metadata Implementation Forum

ISO Forum TopicsThe Federal Geographic Data Committee hosts a monthly webinar information series for the presentation and discussion of ISO implementation shared experiences, strategies, topics, and resources. NSDI Stakeholders from all sectors will lead a one hour presentation followed by a 30 minute guided discussion. The schedule and topics are listed below and the presentation slides and related resources will be added to the website following each presentation. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Lorna Schmid, FGDC Metadata Coordinator .



The second Wednesday of each month, 3:00-4:30 PM (Eastern). The meeting alternates with the Metadata Working Group Quarterly Meetings in March, June, September and December

Call-in Information

  • Phone: 703.648.4848 / Toll Free: 855.547.8255; Code: 79000#
  • Webinar: Information will be updated here shortly.

2017 Presentation Topics

February 15 How is the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) Preparing for the Metadata Future  Jacqueline Mize - NOAA
March 8 Metadata Working Group
April 12 Harmonizing Geospatial Metadata Standards
Ryan Bowe, Woolpert Inc.
May 10 To be determined
June 14 Metadata Working Group
July 12 To be determined
August 9 To be determined
September 13 Metadata Working Group
October 11 Towards Implementation of SDSFIE-M for the USACE National Coastal Mapping Program Charlene Sylvester
, US Army Corps of Engineers
November 8 To be determined
December 13 Metadata Working Group

2016 Presentation Topics

January 13 NASA’s Implementation of ISO 19115: the Common Metadata Repository Kathleen Baynes, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
February 10 Metadata for the INSPIRE Directive in Europe Michael Östling, working on Metadata strategies and Geoportals for the Swedish NSDI and also coordinator for the update of Technical Guidelines Metadata for INSPIRE.
April 13 EPSCoR/RGIS Metadata: FGDC to ISO Transformation

Laura Gleasner, University of New Mexico Earth Data Analysis Center

May 11 DOE Geothermal Data Repository's Strategy for Proper Data Management

Jon Weers, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Geothermal Data Repository

July 13 FGDC Service Status Checker

Michelle Anthony, USGS / EROS Center

October 12 GIS  Inventory

Bruce Oswald & Jill Saligoe -Simmel, NSGIC

2015 Presentation Topics

January 14 Creating Geospatial Metadata for Project Open Data Lisa Zolly - USGS,.Sarah O’Conner - NOAA, Torrin Hultgren  - Innovate!/EPA
February 11 19115-3 XML Schema Ted Habermann - HDF Group
March 11 Metadata Working Group Meeting  
April 8 OpenGeoMetadata Initiative Kim Durante and Jack Reed – Stanford University Libraries
May 13 Big Earth Data Initiative (BEDI) Ted Habermann- HDF Group
June 10 Metadata Working Group Meeting  
July 8 State and Provincial ISO Implementation Efforts Nancy Rader – MN GIO, Edith Konopka – NJ OIT, Jordan Erker – GeoDiscover Alberta
August 12 Metadata Tools and Special Applications Bruce Godfrey – INSIDE Idaho,other
September 9 Metadata Working Group Meeting  
October  14 ISO Metadata Profiles and Clearinghouses Sarah Wray – NC DOT
November 18 ISO/North American Profile Implementation in Canada Cindy Mitchell, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
December 9 Metadata Working Group Meeting  

2014 Presentation Topics and Materials

If interested in suggesting a topic, presenting during the forum, or more information, contact: Jennifer Carlino, FGDC Metadata Coordinator, or send an email to