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Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Development

Collaboration with SDI regional organizations

The FGDC International program also works closely with the regional permanent committees for the globe that are much closer to national to local SDI development with in their respective Regions.  These Regional Committees, often called Permanent Committees, are stand alone elements, but both the FGDC and the GSDI work closely with each one to share information, operate the GSDI Small Grant Program, publish the SDI Regional Newsletters, put on GSDI meetings, and organise contributions to their respecive conferences and conferences hosted by sister organizations. 


  • European Umbrella Organization for Geography (EUROGI) --
  • Permanent Committee for Geographic Information for Asia and the Pacific--
  • Permanent Committee For the Americas
  • Permanent Committee for Africa (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Committee On Development Information) --
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