International Newsletters

To increase the GSDI Association's outreach effort the FGDC provided funds Ms. Kate Lance efforts to start the SDI-Africa Newsletter in 2002.  This newsletter is published monthly in electronic form and devoted to identifying both SDI and geographic information activities such as conferences, workshops, training, and related within Africa along with the outcomes of previous activities and the websites of organizations helping to fund SDI development within Africa.   

This changed the interaction dynamic throughout Africa in SDI circles.  Prior to the SDI Newsletter start-up, most of the dialog on SDI topics was either into or out of Africa.  With the SDI Newsletter, Africans were exchanging ideas on related topic among themselves – building a synergy.

Since this was so successful the FGDC started funding the monthly publication of electronic versions of newsletters for Latin America and the Caribbean (SDI-LAC) and Asia and the Pacific (SDI-AP) regions.  The Americas Newsletter is currently published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  The Asia and the Pacific Newsletter is published in English and Chinese.