The Kansas GIS Policy Board will oversee the development of a strategic plan and business plan to provide future direction for Geographic Information System (GIS) activities within Kansas.  The Kansas GIS Policy Board is responsible for the development of standards, strategies, and policies that emphasize cooperation and coordination among agencies, organizations, and government entities in order to maximize the cost effectiveness of GIS by creating public and private partnerships throughout Kansas.  The board, consisting of 37 members appointed by the Governor from state and local government agencies as well as public, private, and academic interests, provides review, coordination and recommendations of GIS programs and investments.  The Kansas Information Technology Office, as the contracting agent for the Kansas GIS Policy Board, will hire a consultant to facilitate the development of a strategic plan and business plan for the State's GIS programs.  The consultant will work with GIS leaders in the State, and convene GIS stakeholder meetings to gather information that will be used to develop a strategic plan and business plan according to the template from the Fifty States Initiative Strategic Planning Process Guide. 

Update: The Kansas GIS Policy Board accepted Strategic Plan and Business Plan for Elevation Data  at their meeting on May 9th, 2008.


Ivan Weichert

(785) 296-0257


Other Key Contact:

Ingrid Landgraf, USGS Geospatial Liaison to Kansas

(785) 832-3566