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Map Viewer

One of the main goals of FGDC's portal is to provide ready access to the wide range of NGDAs and other crucial public data assets. The GeoPlatform Map Viewer provides a single access point for users to browse and view these datasets. Drawing upon the vast array of available map layers, users are able to create and share a custom Open Map about any topic of interest. Users can also add their own content to personalize their maps further. Once published, an Open Map becomes a shared web resource that can be readily accessed from a web application or website.

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Map Manager

The GeoPlatform also has a Map Manager lets authorized users publish and share "Map Blocks" and "Map Galleries" as shared web resources. These can be added to any webpage or shared with friends and colleagues. Map Galleries may contain any mix of Open Maps created on the GeoPlatform and ArcGIS OnlineOpen Maps are fully interactive!


Map Manager also integrates ArcGIS Online (AGOL) with Authorized users may use this service to selectively harvest AGOL maps for use within the GeoPlatform. As with maps created using the GeoPlatform Map Viewer, AGOL maps are also introduced as Open Maps, so they can be co-mingled as shared web resources, and utilized by other GeoPlatform services.


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