Implementation Model Development for FGDC-Standard Cadastral Data - Enabling Seamless Parcel Data Exchange

Land ownership has been critical to the economic development of the United States. Land parcel databases, also known as cadastres, describe the rights, interests, and value of property. These databases represent the distribution of the real property assets of a community and its ownership, form the basis for land use and zoning decisions, and represent the location of residences, businesses, and public lands. In other words, almost every aspect of government and business can be associated with a land parcel. Given the importance of this data there is growing interest in creating 'seamless' statewide and federal parcel data sets that can be shared among local, state, tribal and federal organizations. To support such ‘seamless’ parcel data sharing this project assisted in the deployment of the FGDC-endorsed standard for Cadastral Data Content by developing a draft implementation model in Extensible Markup Language/Geographic Markup Language (XML/GML) for parcel data. The intent of this XML/GML Implementation Model is to help enable 'seamless' parcel data exchange among local, state, tribal and federal organizations. This effort builds on a survey commissioned in early 2008 by the North Carolina Working Group for Seamless Parcels (WGSP) to determine most commonly needed cadastral data attributes. The XML/GML Implementation Model for Parcel Data and associated technical guidance is freely available and designed to help promote uptake of the FGDC-endorsed Cadastral Data Content Standard across the United States National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

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Report on Parcel GML Schema Development

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North Carolina Secretary of State, Land Records Management Program
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