Business Plan Creation for Statewide Parcel Data and Enhanced Elevation Data for Nevada

This project created two business plans for Nevada – one for statewide parcel data, the second for enhanced elevation data. The two business plans were created by members of the recipient organization -- the Nevada Geographic Information Society (NGIS) – by members of the state’s GIS community, and by AppGeo (hired as consultants). The plans were developed in a series of statewide open meetings, webinars, and presentations throughout the state. Because Nevada lacks a single strategic plan for geospatial data acquisition and management, the business plans in part serve as roadmaps for such activities, as well as defining the costs and benefits of integrated geospatial data.

Major recommendations of the business plans are similar in some regards. Both plans point out the need for a group or office to set priorities for geospatial data at a statewide level and coordinate strategies for data acquisition and dissemination. For enhanced elevation data, for instance, the role of a coordinating body is to minimize redundant acquisition, publicize teaming Final Report G12AC20139 Nevada Geographic Information Society 2 and “buy-up”” opportunities, and create a clearinghouse for geospatial data. Similarly, regarding parcels, the coordinating group or office must assist counties (who create and maintain parcel geospatial data) and the many consumers of parcel data. Both plans provide a series of short-term and long-term recommendations for the state.

Final Report

Interim Report

Nevada Geographic Information Society


Matthew Krok, President, Nevada Geographic Information Society
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Moni J. Fox, Incoming President, Nevada Geographic Information Society

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