Implementation of Statewide Orthoimagery Business Plan for Maine

This project builds on previous CAP grants and in particular Maine’s strategic plan supporting NSGIC goals. A program for updating the states high-resolution aerial orthoimagery on a regular refreshment cycle was a key component of the plan. In 2010 despite a lack of dedicated funding, the Maine Library of Geographic Information Board (GeoLibrary) established a committee to review orthoimagery needs within the GIS community and develop a plan to meet those needs. The committee included a multi-disciplinary statewide team of GIS users. The result was a credible 5-year plan for a collecting imagery on a revolving five-year schedule based on a partnership between state, federal, county and local community support. This ambitious plan is being implemented with limited staff support and volunteer services from board members. The Board identified the need for high-quality promotional material and presenting the program at conferences where users of the data congregate to market its services for data acquisition, encourage participation and funding for the project. Without dedicated state support it was critical to enlist the support of state and federal agencies as well as, and more importantly, the support of counties and communities in this effort.

The purpose of this proposal was to develop promotional materials, host, forums and workshops to promote the imagery acquisition program. A secondary purpose for these activities was to support outreach to legislators and community leaders who may be able to assist in developing sources of funding for acquiring imagery and other geospatial data to support the GIS user community.

Final Report --- Promotional Materials

Interim Report

Orthoimagery Program Brochure and Insert

Maine Library of Geographic Information (GeoLibrary)
Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems (MEGIS)


Michael Smith, State GIS Manager

Gretchen Heldmann, Maine GeoLibary Board Chair

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