Metadata Training and Support for Conservation Practitioners

Sonoma Ecology Center has provided FGDC metadata training and support to North Bay Climate Adaption Initiative (NBCAI), California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CALCC), and North Bay GIS User Group partners and facilitated sharing of their data and metadata through the California Conservation Commons.

An online survey on metadata training needs and interests was begun in October 2012. The targeted audiences were GIS professionals in northern California and the climate change community in the San Francisco Bay area. However, numerous responses were received from across the contiguous US. SEC analyzed responses received for inputs on refining our metadata training offerings.

With the recent increased focus on the incorporation of climate research into conservation practice, and the rapidly changing and highly technical nature of climate change data products, it is critical that spatial data is shared effectively and is thoroughly documented. The NBCAI and CA-LCC partners are committed to sharing their climate and conservation data through the California Conservations Commons websites: the San Francisco Bay Area Conservation Commons (SF Commons) and the CA-LCC California Climate Commons. The trainings focused on FGDC metadata creation and data sharing through the California Climate Commons to serve these communities.

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Interim Report -- Survery Response Summary

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