Developing a Business Case for the North Carolina Master Address Database Maintenance in North Carolina


The North Carolina Master Address Database (NC MADB) will provide multiple functions in the enterprise of North Carolina state government. It will provide a framework for supporting the maintenance of authoritative point addresses at the local government level, and aggregation of address data to ensure this value is leveraged across the North Carolina geospatial user community. The NC MADB serve as North Carolina’s contribution to the development of a national address database initiative. The NC MADB will serve as a foundation for a number of address-oriented services including geocoding and reverse geocoding, address verification and validation, postage reduction services and non-deliverable mail avoidance.


Initial start-up costs for aggregation and quality control tool development is projected to be $514,573 and on-going operation of the aggregation and services is estimated at $162,395. The operational costs for a decade of operations is $2,653.096. The primary benefit calculated for NC MADB is improved performance in decennial census enumeration in the form of avoiding under-counting on a statewide basis. Conservative estimates project enumeration of 3,000 North Carolina citizens will have an economic return of $45,000,000 over the course of the 2020 decade.

Interim Report

North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA)

Final Report


Joe Sewash

Alec Bethune

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