Virginia Metadata Clearinghouse Implementation Support

Since 2006, the Commonwealth of Virginia, through Virginia Tech University and the state GIS coordinating office, the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN), has undertaken a concerted effort to increase the metadata proficiency base in Virginia. Since that time, supported by this CAP award and one other, a body of training materials has been created, the Virginia Metadata Portal has been implemented, and over 200 people have been directly trained in the proper creation, maintenance and use of CSDGM compliant metadata. The 2007 fiscal year award was focused specifically on training state agencies and local governments, the spatial data owners, how to use the Virginia Metadata Portal. These classes rely heavily on the original training materials supplemented with material specific to portal operation created under this award. The program was so successful that VGIN will need to continue the training program with quarterly metadata classes in order to support the metadata training demand.

Final Report - Attachment Workshop Descriptions

Interim Report

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Virginia Geospatial Extension Program
Virginia Geographic Information Network


John McGee, Virginia Geospatial Extension Specialist

Lyle Hornbaker, Virginia Geographic Information Network

Dan Widner, VGIN Coordinator, VITA

James Wilson, Department of Geography, ODU