ArcGIS Framework Plug-In

The Framework data is the fundamental data layers of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). It is being cataloged by using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)’s Catalog Service for Web (CS-W) protocol and served through OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) protocols.

With the funding support from NSDI Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) and in collaboration with Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI), the GMU CSISS has developed a powerful ArcGIS Framework Plug-In. It enables a large number of ArcGIS Desktop users to directly discover and easily access the Framework data. By supporting not only the Framework data themes served by WFS-based NSDI servers but also other geospatial data served by Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Map Service (WMS) servers, the Plug-In greatly facilitate the access to the Framework data by a broad range of users, including those in agricultural efficiency, disaster management, water management, and homeland security.

The ArcGIS Framework Plug-In has successfully integrated the OGC-compliant data discovery and access services into the ArcGIS Desktop. With the ArcGIS Framework Plug-In, the ArcGIS Desktop supports dynamic data discovery through OGC CS-W, interactive access, overlay, and display of image data as raster layers served through OGC WCS and WMS protocols and feature data encoded in Geography Markup Language (GML) 2.0 and 3.1.1 as standard ArcMap feature layers served through WFS 1.1 protocol, and storage of the Framework data retrieved from distributed sources into local geo-databases for future uses.

A website ( has been established for the plug-in. The website provides general introduction and key features of the plug-in, documents about software installation and usage, video about software functionalities and manipulation, and the plug-in software download.

More than 20 copies of the plug-in software have been sent out for public testing prior to the final release. Based on the users’ feedbacks, all known bugs have been fixed. The final release of the plug-in software is available at the website for users to freely download.

Final Report

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Primary project outcome --> ArcGIS Framework Extension



Prof. Liping Di, Director, CSISS

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