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MAGIC Metadata Triage

Award Number 07HQAG0096, Category 1: FGDC-Endorsed Standards Implementation Assistance and Outreach

Enhancing Local Government's Ability to Create and Maintain Compliant Metadata Through a MAGIC Regional

Project goal is to support FGDC endorsed standards training materials development, training, and outreach in the multi-state region within the Mid America Geographic Information Consortium (MAGIC). The MAGIC participating states are Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.  The keynote of this project is the utilization of an existing state consortium to distribute important training and information through a shared curriculum. Over 100 workshop attendees in the region either familiarized themselves with or updated their familiarity with the CSDGM and how to apply it. 

Final Report  -- Metadata Curriculum Materials

Interim Report

Mid America Geographic Information Consortium 


Mark Duewell

Other contacts:

Learson Dalby, 501-682-2929
Patrick Brown, 515-294-7312
Eileen Battles, 785-864-2289,
Shellie Willoughby, 405-521-4828,

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