Information Integration and Analysis Project

The rapid evolution of rural coastal communities to retirement destinations has created significant immediate demands on local county governments and the services they provide. Georgia's McIntosh County Commission (MCC), located in rural coastal, is experiencing substantial growth and is currently supporting several data acquisition projects including digital orthophotography, cadastral mapping, and 911 addressing systems. This is providing an opportunity to initiate a comprehensive GIS data integration and analysis system from the ground up that will support local geospatial data user requirements as well as support the goals of the NSDI through data sharing, discovery, and delivery. The CAP funds serve as a catalyst for local implementation and integration that will introduce and disseminate MCC data for broader economic and management returns. This project will integrate on-going county data acquisition activities, create a process for generating and publishing FGDC-compliant metadata, and make these current datasets available to a the greater geospatial community through innovative partnerships and successful implementation of state of the art GIS systems.

This project was cancelled.

Interim Report

McIntosh County, GA
McIntosh County Tax Assessor


Fred Carpenter