Western Michigan's Upper Peninsula Geospatial Data Outreach Program

The overall goal of the project is: To better serve the geospatial information needs for local, state, and federal units of government and other service providers (non-profit, universities, private sector, and tourism) within the six county region of the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This goal will be supported through the following objectives and their subsequent activities.

Objective 1: WUPPDR will host The National Map for the U.S. Geological Survey within the first quarter and be completed by April 2008.

Objective 2: WUPPDR will provide at least 30 outreach sessions to county boards, township associations, city, and village commission meetings by April 2008.

Objective 3: WUPPDR will establish a regional geospatial framework organization that will meet at least 3 times by April 2008.

There will be a number of outcomes from this project. The hosting of The National Map will allow all Federal and State geospatial data available to be placed in public domain on a readily accessible format, allowing numerous entities and individuals easy access to information. Educational presentations about The National Map to local governments, township associations and county boards will serve as a marketing tool to inform consumers of the benefits of geospatial datasets and the positive impacts this information will have on the region. The establishment of a regional geospatial framework organization will provide the structure needed to support and expand the regional geospatial community. This grassroots effort will provide a model for the other 12 regions in the state of Michigan to follow when creating their region’s frameworks.

Final Report

Interim Report

Western Upper Peninsula  Planning & Development Region
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Ken Marshall