Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the NSDI Future Directions Fifty States Initiative

Two of the primary goals of this project are 1. To provide strategic direction in maintaining a viable coordinating council which will be the principal geospatial oversight body in Illinois; and 2. Create a strategic and business plan for Illinois which identifies the needs for enhanced geospatial coordination and integration with all stakeholders including all levels of government, the private sector, and academia. By using the National State Geographic Information Council’s (NSGIC) Fifty States Initiative as a model, the GIS Strategic Planning Committee is focused on the development of practical strategies to quickly move down a successful path. The revised strategy and business plans will serve to guide future efforts concerning the fiscal, administrative and technical requirements of an integrated geospatial technology infrastructure for Illinois.

Key Accomplishments:
  • Compilation of reference materials and website (
  • Development of a large and diverse stakeholder event.
  • A new Illinois USGS Liaison at the right moment in time.
  • Communication of the GIS Initiative at conferences and other venues by key personnel across the state.
  • Creation of a GIS Advisory committee and a GIS Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Ongoing Strategic Planning Committee meetings.
  • Logo contest for the creation of a new branding logo.
  • Completion of the GIS Strategic Plan.
  • Outline of the GIS Business Plan.
  • Development of where all information can be located.

Final Report -- Strategic Plan 6.0 (June 2008)

Interim Report

Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse


Sheryl Oliver

Shelley Silch, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Illinois
217-344-0037 x.3030 

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