Strategic and Business Plans to implement State-wide NSDI priorities in Missouri

The two primary objectives for this project included: 1) development of strategic and business plans; and 2) outreach and education to promote the plan and distribute a local ‘How To’ guide for geospatial development. While the general ideas inherent within these objectives remain, the activities to achieve those objectives were changed from the original project agenda. Those changes were primarily a reflection of a change in the grant principle investigator, Missouri’s GIO, Timothy L. Haithcoat. The strategy reflects a ‘stakeholder-first’ approach. Eight regional meetings (rather than 3 central state meetings), scheduled across the state, informed the creation of the strategic and business plans. Second, the ‘How To’ guide became a reflection of the needs identified during these eight regional meetings.

Key overall accomplishments were also achieved - beyond original expectations. Communication and coordination among existing, new and anticipated GIT participants has been greatly accelerated due to the outreach and on-going dedication to the newly formed relationships. Sharable documentation (i.e. strategic and business plans) of thoughtful, justifiable and supportable statewide goals can be distributed among all stakeholder groups. Evidence-based planning, as a result of the regional meeting surveys, has created a direct and on-going connection with critical stakeholders, Missouri’s local governments. In addition, the evidence provided clear priorities for the local government ‘How To’ guide. The scale of success has been established with clear and measurable goals. These key accomplishments represent success not only for the grant process, but most importantly on-going success for the state coordinating groups. 

Final Report -- Strategic Plan -- Business Plan -- "How to" Guide

Annual Report - March 19, 2008

Interim Report - September 19, 2007

Missouri Geographic Information Office


Tim Haithcoat

Pam Kelrick

Dan Ross

Ray Fox, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Missouri


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