Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the NSDI Future Directions Fifty States Initiative

The primary goal of Vermont’s 50 States Initiative was to enable greater cooperation within the State of Vermont in the use and management of geospatial data and technologies. This initiative has brought together state government organizations to establish an accepted, realistic, functional and effective Enterprise GIS Strategy for Vermont; a vision and a plan that is sustainable and supports broad participation by all state entities.

In the past, State Agencies have been largely on their own in developing in-house GIS capabilities. Some agencies such as Transportation, Natural Resources, Agriculture, E-911, and Commerce have developed sophisticated systems. Other agencies are making less or limited use of GIS. The Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) develops GIS technical guidelines, distributes GIS data to the general public, and promotes information exchange among the agencies.

The Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan is an important part of the state's 'comprehensive strategy' for the development and use of Vermont's Geographic Information System (VGIS). The VGIS represents a broad spectrum of geospatial activities and constituencies throughout the state of Vermont, including academic, town, regional, non-profit, state, private sector, and the general public. The Plan articulates a strategic vision for the development and use of geospatial technology within state government; a critical component of the VGIS. It's a dynamic document, one that will be updated on a regular basis in order to leverage emerging opportunities in a rapidly evolving geospatial industry.

The most significant outcome of this strategic planning effort was the establishment of the Vermont Enterprise GIS Consortium (EGC), a voluntary consortium of state government organizations focused on the management of Vermont’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). 

Final Report -- Strategic Plan -- Business Plan

Interim Report

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David Brotzman

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Lin Neifert, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Vermont

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