Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the NSDI Future Directions Fifty States Initiative

The key outcome of this project was the production of Florida’s Strategic Plan for Statewide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordination.  It was identified by the project steering committee that this roadmap for political champions and decision makers was the best goal achievable at this time. Additionally, the project cemented stakeholders to continue and expand informal coordination activities until the time that it is seen fit by executive or legislative mandate that a state geospatial programs office and/or coordination council be created. 

The strategic plan presents the vision and overarching goals that will successfully improve statewide coordination and sharing of geographic information for the benefit of all stakeholders in the State of Florida.  This plan is the product of a process overseen by a 21-member steering committee that included representatives from all levels of government, academia and the private sector, from various regions of the state.  The Committee used several methods to engage as many stakeholders as possible in the planning process.  The stakeholder community provided the details needed to understand the current status of geographic data sharing and coordination, as well as the availability and usage of GIS within the state. They also offered specific suggestions to improve the availability of current and accurate GIS data vital to decision makers, program managers, and the GIS user community.  Their valuable input helped the Committee determine what is required to successfully improve statewide GIS data coordination throughout Florida.

Final Report  -- Executive Summary of Strategic Plan -- Strategic Plan -- Data Collection for Strategic Plan Summary -- Briefing for FGDC Coordination Group (August 12, 2008) --  Feature in Furgo Earth Data's Newsletter

Interim Report

Florida Division of Emergency Management GIS

Florida's Project web page


Richard Butgereit, GIS Administrator, FDEM

Louis Driber, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Florida

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