Strategic and Business Plan Development in Support of the NSDI Future Directions Fifty States Initiative: Property Boundary Data – Capture and Integration Framework

Maine used the CAP opportunity to update the state's GIS strategic plan and align it with the Fifty States Initiative.  Their vendor, James W. Sewall Company, conducted extensive outreach with the state GIS stakeholders and the Maine GeoLibrary to draft a plan.  A secondary project was to draft a specification for an integrated land records information system (ILRIS) that will hold the Sate of Maine property data at the parcel level. Both goals were achieved and are being used to guide the future GIS activities in Maine.

Final Report -- Strategic Plan -- Appendices -- Integrated Land Records Information System (ILRIS) Final Report

Maine RFP

Interim Report  --  MLGI Strategic Plan Summary

Maine's Fifty States Initiative Project Page

Maine Library of Geographic Information


Michael Smith

Larry Harwood

Dan Walters, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Maine


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