State of Utah Geospatial Strategic and Business Plan

Coordination activities have been an indispensable part of Utah’s geospatial strategy since their first innovative partnership with the USGS to digitize a 1:500,000 scale base map for the State in 1986. In the twenty years since then, the State has partnered with virtually every federal agency, every county, and many cities and tribal organizations within Utah. Through regular interaction and practical implementation of geospatial technologies, tremendous benefits to the citizens of the State have been garnered.

The GIS Advisory Committee and its collaborators developed a participatory approach to a visioning and implementation strategy. This project engaged the community to contribute to the creation of the Strategic Plan that explains their vision for the future for geospatial information and technologies. They also developed a Business Plan for Preservation of Geospatial Resources as the first of many initiatives coming out of the process. Both the Strategic and Business Plans incorporate a technology plan that will determine the optimum solution and what technology needs to be in place for achieving the goals and objectives. Combined, these plans strengthen their council, improve coordination, define the business needs of the stakeholders, and establish priorities for the State. 

Final Report - Strategic Plan - Business Plan (Online Inventory) - Business Plan (Archival Preservation)

Interim Report

Utah Automated Geographic Refence Center


Dennis Goreham

Dave Vincent, USGS Geospatial Liaison for Utah

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