North Pacific Ecosystem Metadata Federation: Japan Component

This project empowers a metadata- and clearinghouse-enabled organization to assist an international partner to code metadata using the FGDC standard and become a registered clearinghouse node. Specifically, the project will train IT personnel of the Marine Information Research Center (MIRC) in the FGDC metadata standard and Z39.50 installation and configuration, ultimately to realize a new registered node in the FGDC NSDI Clearinghouse called “PICES – MIRC”. MIRC is the quality-control data distributor for the Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC). Serving metadata from the Clearinghouse on the ecosystems of the western North Pacific (i.e. Japanese waters) provides US and NOAA scientists and managers with access to those data and information that may not be otherwise available or known to them. This will increase international communication between the US and Japan, allowing collaborations and sharing of knowledge and resources between the two countries. In addition, this project is a component of a yet wider-scoped effort: a metadata federation of member countries (Canada, Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, USA) of the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). The US and the Republic of Korea already have registered nodes “PICES-NOAA NPEM (North Pacific Ecosystem Metadatabase)” and “PICES – KODC (Korea Oceanographic Data Center”, see figure at left). This project will add a third node: “PICES –MIRC”. The goals of PICES are (1) to promote and coordinate marine scientific research in the northern North Pacific and adjacent marginal seas, particularly northward from 30 degrees north; (2) to advance scientific knowledge about the ocean environment, global weather and climate change, living resources and their ecosystems, and the impact of human activities on them; and (3) to promote the collection and rapid exchange of scientific information on these issues. The completion of this project will address the third PICES goal, in particular.

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