Integrated Mapping and Analysis Tool (IMAT) Client

The project is designed to build upon existing Image Matters LLC technology, integrate that technology for the air quality community within the Western Regional Air Partnership’s Technical Support System, and release the technology to the public as open source software. This software will provide the following additions to the current functionality of the Integrated Map Tool:

  1. Viewing layers available locally, and remote layers through WMS, WFS, and WCS.
  2. “Re-project on-the-fly” functionality through OGC Web Processing Service (WPS).
  3. "Add Layer" button/function that allows user to choose from list of available layers that is dynamically generated from Cataloged resources.
  4. Selection tools (box, polygon, circle, single/multiple clicks) that allow user to define features of interest
    from the “Active” layer.
  5. “Create AOI Layer” button/function that sends getFeature request to Census WFS for selected polygon
    set from WebTIGER Cartographic Boundary Files (CBF) layer. Alternatively, a truly custom AOI could be created with IMAT polygon drawing tool. AOI Layer (GML) is stored in TSS temporary cache.
  6. AOI layer is embedded within getFeature or getCoverage request to extract the data for the user-defined
  7. Generate AOI layers automatically from Attribution of Haze (AoH) “Footprint” / “Area of Influence” results.
  8. Use extracted data, constructed from local or remote WFS/WCS layers, spatially-constrained by AOI layer, as for local visualization, analysis, access (e.g., GML), or download after conversion to format based on common user requirements (e.g., Shapefile, ASCIIGRID).
  9. A WPS that generates summary statistics from extracted data (e.g., mean fluxes from gridded emissions data by county for a particular 5-county region, or maximum and minimum densities of a modeled air quality parameter associated with a particular control strategy for a Tribal Area).

The domain scope of the software application is air quality analysis, planning, and regulatory compliance.  The software would enable analyses beneficial to the Western Regional Air Partnership community and the greater air quality community of interest.

Interim Report
Final Report

Integrated Mapping and Analysis Tool

Image Matters LLC


Jeff Ehman, Ph.D., Project Manager, Image Matters LLC
(812) 325-7937

Other Contacts:

Tom Moore, Technical Coordinator, WRAP
(970) 491-8837

Shawn McClure, VIEWS and TSS Administrator, CIRA
(970) 491-8455