Richland County, ND

The scope of this project aims at improving the ability of local government agencies to deliver enhanced public access to GIS data through the development of client applications providing a consistent look and feel across multiple agencies and jurisdictions. These development efforts center on providing public users greater access to data from multiple agencies without the need for learning new Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) or presentation techniques. Also contained within the scope of this project, the development of client-side interactive mapping tools delivering operational and functional consistency between multiple sites making it easier for the general public to understand and use framework data. Further aims of this project include designing and constructing a software architecture that allows for ease of future development and integration of additional specific GIS applications, providing increased use of Framework data. Finally the scope of this project aims at collaboratively designing and developing client-side code for MapServer to provide local governments a cost-effect method share cadastral framework data and use WFS data services.

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Richland County GIS


Matt Syvertson
(701) 642-7860

Other contact:

Mr. Randy Knippel
(952) 891-7078